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We are a non-governmental organization, dedicated to recognize the work of ordinary people who help humanity, conservation and the animal world.

Every year we give a trophy and economic reward to all these heroes. In the same way we give trophies to distinguished people who with their “fame” help to improve our planet.


We want to make known the American continent and the whole world the exceptional work for the protection of humanity, the planet and the animal world, as well as sustainable development.


To honor the people whose passion and work inspiration to help creating a better world for upcoming generations.

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Categories to nominate your hero:

Three categories: Humanity, Conservation of the planet, Protection of animals.

Through our voting system we will choose 10 of the nominees, who will receive a trophy and an economic recognition to contribute to the important work they do, which is undoubtedly an arduous task and an example of equity, commitment and solidarity.


Subsequently, a jury will define the nominees by category, who will have a visit to the place where they carry out their work to verify the validity of the information and make an audiovisual document about the life history of each of the nominees.

Protection of animals

We want to give recognition to these people who make a difference by helping to prevent the disappearance of animal species, as well as permanent actions for the rescue and conservation of species.


Create a better world where animals live free of movement, to protect them from cruelty and suffering. The change begins thanks to the contribution of each one of us.

Conservation of the planet

LATINO HÉROES wants to recognize people who have made permanent efforts to protect the environment, ensuring the survival of specific territories that are threatened, strengthening areas that will facilitate survival of fauna and flora species.


If we think that the place where we live deserves to be cared for and preserved, we would understand the reality of the importance of the planet earth for humanity and begin to take a little more awareness to care for it and conserve its natural resources.


LATINO HÉROES wants to recognize those people who have dedicated their efforts to help other people in need to have a better life condition in aspects such as: food, housing, clothing, physical appearance and all that assistance to the human being.


We honor those people who have made an important contribution by helping others less favored. Unselfish acts of kindness, courage and perseverance through ordinary people who are undoubtedly helping to change the world.

Our impact

We honor by means of a recognition the extraordinary men and women who perceive the great challenges that as humanity we have ahead and decide to make the difference.


Ordinary citizens who are achieving extraordinary events, through a call in the American continent that allows knowing the actions of goodwill.

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People with something different in their soul, a force that inspires them to transform the world and make a difference.

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Volunteers by country

Be part of our team and help us to sensitize the rest of the world. We require volunteers to support our work in the following areas:


Written journalism / Social media management / Public relations / Photography / Design

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